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translations of Cera

ITENEnglish5 translations
ITESSpanish3 translations
  • cera[generale, made of wax, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{f}
  • esperma(n adj v)[oily, water-resistant substance]{f}
  • Cera
ITFRFrench4 translations
  • cirage(n)[generale, pulizia]{m}
  • cire[generale, made of wax, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{f}
  • fart[oily, water-resistant substance]{m}
  • Cire
ITDEGerman4 translations
  • Bohnerwachs(n)[pulizia]{f}
  • Wachs(n)[generale, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{f}
  • wächsern(n adj v)[made of wax]
  • Wachs-(n adj v)[made of wax](n adj v)
ITNLDutch4 translations
  • boenwas(n)[generale, pulizia]{m}
  • wrijfwas(n)[generale, pulizia]{m}
  • was(n)[generale, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{m}
  • wassen(n adj v)[made of wax]
ITPTPortuguese5 translations
  • cera(n)[generale, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{f}
  • verniz(n)[generale, pulizia]{m}
  • ceroso(n adj v)[made of wax]
  • céreo(n adj v)[made of wax]
  • Cera
ITSVSwedish4 translations
  • polermedel(n)[generale, pulizia]{n}
  • putsmedel(n)[generale, pulizia]{n}
  • vax(n)[generale, oily, water-resistant substance, pulizia]{n}
  • Vax
ITCSCzech2 translations
  • vosk[oily, water-resistant substance]{m}
  • Vosk
ITPLPolish3 translations
  • wosk(n)[oily, water-resistant substance]{m}
  • Woski
  • woskowy(n adj v)[made of wax](n adj v)
ITDADanish2 translations
  • voks[oily, water-resistant substance]
  • Voks
ITBGBulgarian2 translations
ITHUHungarian2 translations
  • viasz(n adj v)[oily, water-resistant substance]
  • Viasz
ITRURussian3 translations
ITSLSlovenian3 translations
ITZHChinese1 translation
ITHIHindi1 translation
  • मोम[oily, water-resistant substance](mom)
ITJAJapanese1 translation
  • (n adj v)[oily, water-resistant substance]
ITVIVietnamese1 translation
  • sáp(n adj v)[oily, water-resistant substance]