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translations of caotico

IT EN English 3 translations
IT ES Spanish 3 translations
IT FR French 3 translations
IT DE German 5 translations
IT NL Dutch 6 translations
  • verward (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray, confuso]
  • chaotisch (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray, Filled with chaos, confuso]
  • ongeordend (a) [confuso]
  • wanordelijk (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray]
  • onordelijk (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray]
  • warrig (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray]
IT PT Portuguese 3 translations
IT SV Swedish 3 translations
IT CS Czech 1 translation
  • chaotický (adj) [Extremely disorganized or in disarray, Filled with chaos]
IT PL Polish 1 translation
IT DA Danish 1 translation
IT BG Bulgarian 3 translations
IT RU Russian 3 translations