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translations of articolo

IT EN English 7 translations
IT ES Spanish 7 translations
IT FR French 6 translations
  • objet (n) [oggetti] {m}
  • section (n v) [part of a document] {f}
  • article [article in a dictionary or encyclopedia, contabilità, diritto, giornale, linguistica, oggetti, part of a document] {m}
  • reportage (n) [giornale, linguistica, oggetti] {m}
  • chose (n) [oggetti] (f] qui tape dans l'œil [c)
  • rubrique (n) [article in a dictionary or encyclopedia] {f}
IT DE German 12 translations
IT NL Dutch 10 translations
IT PT Portuguese 9 translations
  • seção (n v) [part of a document] {f}
  • registro (n) [contabilità] {m}
  • entrada (n) [article in a dictionary or encyclopedia] {f}
  • item (n) [contabilità, giornale, linguistica, oggetti] {m}
  • artigo (n) [giornale, oggetti, linguistica, diritto] {m}
  • reportagem (n) [giornale, linguistica, oggetti] {f}
  • coisa (n) [oggetti] {f}
  • objeto (n) [oggetti] {m}
  • verbete (n) [article in a dictionary or encyclopedia] {m}
IT SV Swedish 6 translations
IT CS Czech 4 translations
IT PL Polish 3 translations
IT DA Danish 2 translations
IT BG Bulgarian 2 translations
IT HU Hungarian 1 translation
IT RU Russian 4 translations
IT SL Slovenian 2 translations
IT ZH Chinese 1 translation
IT JA Japanese 2 translations
IT VI Vietnamese 2 translations