aggiungere has 68 translations in 15 languages

translations of aggiungere

IT EN English 7 translations
IT ES Spanish 3 translations
  • adjuntar (v) [dimensione, generale, scrittura, apporre]
  • añadir (v) [generale, to make an addition, to append, as a statement, scrittura, dimensione, dare, conversazione, apporre]
  • agregar (v) [apporre, conversazione, dimensione, generale, scrittura]
IT FR French 11 translations
IT DE German 9 translations
IT NL Dutch 7 translations
IT PT Portuguese 6 translations
  • incluir (v) [dimensione, generale, scrittura, apporre]
  • adicionar (v) [apporre, conversazione, dimensione, generale, scrittura, to make an addition]
  • afixar (v) [apporre, dimensione, generale, scrittura]
  • anexar (v) [apporre, scrittura, generale, dimensione]
  • acrescentar (v) [apporre, conversazione, dimensione, generale, scrittura, to append, as a statement]
  • juntar (v) [apporre, dimensione, generale, scrittura]
IT SV Swedish 11 translations
IT CS Czech 1 translation
IT PL Polish 2 translations
  • dodawać (n) [to make an addition]
  • dodać (v n) [to append, as a statement, to make an addition]
IT BG Bulgarian 3 translations
IT HU Hungarian 1 translation
IT RU Russian 2 translations
IT HI Hindi 1 translation
IT JA Japanese 2 translations
IT VI Vietnamese 2 translations
  • nói (v n) [to append, as a statement]
  • thêm (v n) [to make an addition]