Adó has 54 translations in 18 languages

translations of Adó

HUENEnglish6 translations
HUESSpanish4 translations
HUFRFrench4 translations
HUITItalian3 translations
  • imposta(n v)[money paid to government]{f}
  • tassa(n v)[money paid to government]{f}
  • Tassa
HUPTPortuguese4 translations
HUDEGerman1 translation
  • Steuer(n v)[money paid to government]{f}
HUNLDutch2 translations
  • belasting(n v)[money paid to government]{f}
  • taks(n v)[money paid to government](n v)
HUSVSwedish2 translations
HUCSCzech2 translations
HUPLPolish2 translations
HUDADanish2 translations
HUBGBulgarian5 translations
HUAFAfrikaans1 translation
  • belasting(n v)[money paid to government](n v)
HURURussian6 translations
HUSLSlovenian3 translations
HUHIHindi2 translations
HUJAJapanese3 translations
  • 税金[money paid to government]
  • 租税(n v)[money paid to government]
  • (n v)[money paid to government](zei)
HUVIVietnamese2 translations