भीड़ has 34 translations in 16 languages

translations of भीड़

HIENEnglish1 translation
HIESSpanish5 translations
HIFRFrench1 translation
  • foule[group of people]{f}
HIDEGerman1 translation
HIITItalian7 translations
HIPTPortuguese1 translation
HINLDutch3 translations
HISVSwedish3 translations
HICSCzech1 translation
  • dav(v n)[group of people]{m}
HIPLPolish1 translation
  • tłum[group of people]{m}
HIBGBulgarian1 translation
HIHUHungarian1 translation
HIRURussian2 translations
HIZHChinese3 translations
HIJAJapanese2 translations
HIVIVietnamese1 translation