बहामास has 21 translations in 16 languages

translations of बहामास

HIENEnglish1 translation
HIESSpanish1 translation
  • Bahamas(proper)[country in the Caribbean]{f}
HIFRFrench1 translation
  • Bahamas[country in the Caribbean](p)
HIDEGerman1 translation
HIITItalian1 translation
  • Bahama[country in the Caribbean]{f}
HIPTPortuguese1 translation
  • Bahamas[country in the Caribbean]{f}
HINLDutch1 translation
HISVSwedish1 translation
  • Bahamas[country in the Caribbean](invariable)
HICSCzech1 translation
  • Bahamy[country in the Caribbean]
HIPLPolish1 translation
  • Bahamy[country in the Caribbean]
HIDADanish1 translation
HIBGBulgarian1 translation
HIHUHungarian2 translations
HIRURussian4 translations
HISLSlovenian2 translations
HIJAJapanese1 translation