जिसका has 34 translations in 14 languages

translations of जिसका

HIENEnglish1 translation
  • whose(pronoun)[of which (relative)]
HIESSpanish5 translations
  • quien(pronoun)[of whom (relative)]
  • cuyos(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • cuyas(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • cuyo(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • cuya(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HIFRFrench6 translations
  • dont(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • duquel(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • de qui(pronoun)[of whom (relative)](pronoun)
  • de laquelle(pronoun)[of which (relative)](pronoun)
  • desquels(pronoun)[of which (relative)](pronoun)
  • desquelles(pronoun)[of which (relative)](pronoun)
HIDEGerman2 translations
  • deren(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • dessen(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HIITItalian1 translation
  • cui(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HIPTPortuguese4 translations
  • cujos(pronoun)[of which (relative)]
  • cujas(pronoun)[of which (relative)]
  • cujo(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
  • cuja(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HINLDutch4 translations
  • waarvan(pronoun)[of which (relative)]
  • wiens(pronoun)[of whom (relative)]
  • van wie(pronoun)[of whom (relative)]
  • wier(pronoun)[of whom (relative)]
HISVSwedish1 translation
  • vars(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HICSCzech2 translations
  • jehož(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)](pronoun)
  • jejíž(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)](pronoun)
HIPLPolish1 translation
  • który(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HIDADanish1 translation
  • hvis[of which (relative), of whom (relative)]
HIHUHungarian3 translations
  • akinek(pronoun)[of whom (relative)](pronoun)
  • aminek(pronoun)[of which (relative)](pronoun)
  • amelynek(pronoun)[of which (relative)](pronoun)
HIRURussian1 translation
  • чей(pronoun)[of which (relative), of whom (relative)](чья,чьё pron inter)
HISLSlovenian2 translations