pendant has 106 translations in 12 languages

translations of pendant

FRENEnglish7 translations
FRESSpanish13 translations
FRITItalian12 translations
FRDEGerman19 translations
FRPTPortuguese13 translations
FRNLDutch16 translations
FRSVSwedish12 translations
FRCSCzech2 translations
  • během(prep)[within a given time interval]
  • po dobu(prep)[for all of a given time interval](prep)
FRPLPolish1 translation
  • podczas(prep)[within a given time interval](Prp.)
FRDADanish4 translations
  • i(prep)[for all of a given time interval, over a period of time, within a given time interval]
  • gennem(prep)[for all of a given time interval](prep adj adv n)
  • under(prep)[within a given time interval](n v)
  • i løbet af(prep)[within a given time interval](prep)
FRBGBulgarian2 translations
FRRURussian5 translations