pôle has 24 translations in 9 languages

translations of pôle

FRENEnglish1 translation
  • pole(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]
FRESSpanish3 translations
  • material(n)[physical means of doing something]{m}
  • polo(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]{m}
  • instalación(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
FRITItalian1 translation
  • polo(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]{m}
FRDEGerman4 translations
FRPTPortuguese3 translations
  • instalação(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • polo(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]{m}
  • pólo(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]{m}
FRNLDutch4 translations
  • inrichting(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • faciliteit(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • voorziening(n)[physical means of doing something]{f}
  • pool(n)[accumulateur, aimant, géographie]{m}
FRPLPolish1 translation
FRBGBulgarian2 translations
FRRURussian5 translations