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FRENEnglish6 translations
FRESSpanish6 translations
FRITItalian5 translations
  • energico(a)[personne]
  • attivo(a)[personne]{m}
  • dinamico(adj n)[able to change, not steady; in motion, personne, powerful]
  • dinamica(n)[a branch of mechanics, able to change, not steady; in motion, powerful, science]{f}
  • Dinamica(fisica)
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FRNLDutch11 translations
FRSVSwedish5 translations
FRCSCzech2 translations
FRPLPolish2 translations
FRDADanish1 translation
FRBGBulgarian5 translations
FRHUHungarian2 translations
  • dinamikus(adj n)[able to change, not steady; in motion, powerful](adj n)
  • dinamika(n)[a branch of mechanics](n)
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