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translations of Addition

FRENEnglish11 translations
FRESSpanish10 translations
  • apéndice(n)[livre]{m}
  • suma(n)[arithmetic: process of adding, mathématiques]{f}
  • total(n)[mathématiques]{m}
  • cuenta(n v)[a bill, particularly at a restaurant, restaurant, restaurant bill]{f}
  • continuación(n)[suite]{f}
  • secuencia(n)[suite]{f}
  • factura(n v)[invoice]{f}
  • adición[act of adding, arithmetic: process of adding, mathématiques, thing added]{m}
  • añadidura(n)[act of adding]
  • Suma
FRITItalian12 translations
FRDEGerman14 translations
FRPTPortuguese13 translations
FRNLDutch11 translations
FRSVSwedish6 translations
FRCSCzech4 translations
FRPLPolish6 translations
FRDADanish3 translations
FRBGBulgarian7 translations
FRHUHungarian1 translation
FRAFAfrikaans1 translation
FRRURussian5 translations
FRSLSlovenian3 translations
FRHIHindi1 translation
FRJAJapanese8 translations
  • 加法
  • 足し算(n)[arithmetic: process of adding]
  • 勘定(n v)[a bill, particularly at a restaurant, invoice](n v)
  • 請求書(n v)[a bill, particularly at a restaurant, invoice](n v)
  • 付加(n)[act of adding](n)
  • 追加(n)[act of adding](n)
  • 建て増し(n)[thing added](n)
  • 添加(n)[arithmetic: process of adding](n)