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translations of vestido

ESENEnglish3 translations
ESPTPortuguese4 translations
  • terno(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • fato(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • traje(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • vestido[female garment, garment, vestuario - mujer, woman's dress]{m}
ESFRFrench6 translations
  • complet(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • tenue(n v)[suit of clothes]{f}
  • costume(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • ensemble(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • tailleur(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • robe[garment, vestuario - mujer, woman's dress]{f}
ESITItalian3 translations
  • abito(n v)[female garment, garment, suit of clothes, vestuario - mujer]{m}
  • vestito[garment, suit of clothes, vestuario - mujer]{m}
  • tunica(n v)[woman's dress]{f}
ESDEGerman5 translations
  • Abendkleid(n v)[woman's dress]{n}
  • Kutte(n v)[female garment]{f}
  • Kleid(n)[female garment, garment, vestuario - mujer, woman's dress]{n}
  • Anzug(n v)[suit of clothes]{m}
  • gewandt(a)
ESNLDutch6 translations
  • pak(n v)[suit of clothes]{n}
  • kostuum(n v)[suit of clothes]{n}
  • gewaad(n v)[garment]{n}
  • jurk[garment, vestuario - mujer]{m}
  • japon(n)[vestuario - mujer, woman's dress]{m}
  • kleed(n v)[garment](n (Belgium))
ESSVSwedish3 translations
  • kostym(n v)[suit of clothes](u)
  • dräkt(n v)[woman's dress](u)
  • klänning[female garment, garment, woman's dress]
ESCSCzech2 translations
  • oblek(n v)[suit of clothes]
  • šaty[garment, woman's dress]
ESPLPolish4 translations
ESDADanish3 translations
ESBGBulgarian2 translations
ESHUHungarian5 translations
ESAFAfrikaans2 translations
ESRURussian3 translations
ESSLSlovenian1 translation
ESZHChinese7 translations
ESHIHindi1 translation
ESJAJapanese4 translations
ESVIVietnamese2 translations