significación has 41 translations in 13 languages

translations of significación

ES EN English 4 translations
ES PT Portuguese 6 translations
ES FR French 2 translations
  • sens (n) [importancia, semantics term] {m}
  • importance (n) [extent to which something matters, importancia] {f}
ES IT Italian 5 translations
ES DE German 4 translations
ES NL Dutch 5 translations
ES SV Swedish 3 translations
  • betydelse (n) [extent to which something matters, semantics term] (u)
  • vikt (n) [extent to which something matters] (u)
  • signifikans (n) [extent to which something matters] (n)
ES CS Czech 2 translations
  • význam (n) [extent to which something matters, semantics term]
  • smysl (n v) [semantics term]
ES PL Polish 2 translations
ES HU Hungarian 3 translations
ES RU Russian 2 translations
ES SL Slovenian 1 translation
ES JA Japanese 2 translations