boscoso has 17 translations in 9 languages

translations of boscoso

ESENEnglish4 translations
  • wooded(adj)[covered with trees, general]
  • bosky(adj)[having abundant bushes or trees]
  • forested(adj)[covered in forest]
  • woody(adj n)[covered in woods]
ESPTPortuguese1 translation
ESFRFrench3 translations
ESITItalian2 translations
  • boscoso(adj n)[covered in woods, covered with trees, general, having abundant bushes or trees]
  • cespuglioso(adj)[having abundant bushes or trees]
ESDEGerman1 translation
ESNLDutch1 translation
  • bebost(adj)[covered in forest, general]
ESSVSwedish2 translations
ESPLPolish1 translation
ESRURussian2 translations