within has 63 translations in 9 languages

translations of within

ENESSpanish5 translations
ENFRFrench6 translations
ENITItalian5 translations
  • in(o)[location, preposition, time]
  • entro(prep adv)[before the specified duration ends, time]
  • dentro(o)[location, preposition]
  • all'interno di(o)[location, preposition]
  • frà
ENPTPortuguese5 translations
ENNLDutch5 translations
ENSVSwedish4 translations
  • inom(prep adv)[before the specified duration ends, location, time]
  • inuti(o)[location, preposition]
  • innanför(o)[location]
  • inne i(o)[location, preposition]
ENCSCzech7 translations
ENAFAfrikaans4 translations