vermouth has 21 translations in 13 languages

translations of vermouth

ENESSpanish2 translations
  • vermut(n)[alcoholic beverages]{m}
  • vermú(n)[alcoholic beverages, wine infused with herbs]{m}
ENFRFrench2 translations
ENITItalian3 translations
  • vermut(n)[alcoholic beverages, wine infused with herbs]{m}
  • vermouth(n)[alcoholic beverages]{m}
  • Martini(n)[alcoholic beverages]{m}
ENPTPortuguese1 translation
  • vermute(n)[alcoholic beverages, wine infused with herbs]{m}
ENDEGerman2 translations
ENNLDutch1 translation
ENSVSwedish2 translations
  • vermut(n)[alcoholic beverages](u)
  • vermouth(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
ENCSCzech1 translation
  • vermut(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
ENPLPolish1 translation
  • wermut(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
ENBGBulgarian1 translation
ENHUHungarian3 translations
  • vermut(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
  • ürmös(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
  • ürmösbor(n)[wine infused with herbs](n)
ENRURussian1 translation
ENJAJapanese1 translation