suburb has 35 translations in 15 languages

translations of suburb

ENESSpanish3 translations
ENFRFrench2 translations
  • banlieue[Australian, New Zealand English: any subdivision of a conurbation, city]{f}
  • faubourg(n)[city]{m}
ENITItalian2 translations
ENPTPortuguese3 translations
ENDEGerman10 translations
ENNLDutch2 translations
ENSVSwedish2 translations
ENCSCzech1 translation
ENPLPolish1 translation
ENDADanish1 translation
ENBGBulgarian1 translation
ENHUHungarian1 translation
ENRURussian3 translations
ENSLSlovenian1 translation
ENJAJapanese2 translations
  • 郊外
  • 地区(n)[Australian, New Zealand English: any subdivision of a conurbation](n)