gluey has 23 translations in 11 languages

translations of gluey

ENESSpanish2 translations
ENFRFrench2 translations
ENITItalian2 translations
ENPTPortuguese4 translations
ENDEGerman2 translations
  • klebrig(a)[sticky, viscous and adhesive, as glue]
  • leimig(a)[sticky]
ENNLDutch2 translations
ENSVSwedish2 translations
ENCSCzech2 translations
ENPLPolish1 translation
ENBGBulgarian1 translation
ENHUHungarian3 translations
  • ragadós(adj)[viscous and adhesive, as glue](adj n)
  • enyves(adj)[viscous and adhesive, as glue](adj)
  • ragacsos(adj)[viscous and adhesive, as glue](adj)