eyesight has 34 translations in 18 languages

translations of eyesight

EN ES Spanish 2 translations
  • visión (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {m}
  • vista (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
EN FR French 2 translations
  • vision (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
  • vue (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
EN IT Italian 1 translation
  • vista (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
EN PT Portuguese 2 translations
  • visão (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
  • vista (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] {f}
EN DE German 6 translations
EN NL Dutch 3 translations
EN SV Swedish 2 translations
  • syn (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] (u)
  • synförmåga (n) [physiology, faculty of sight] (u)
EN CS Czech 2 translations
  • zrak [faculty of sight] {m}
  • vidění (v) [faculty of sight]
EN PL Polish 2 translations
  • wzrok (v) [faculty of sight] {m}
  • widzenie (v) [faculty of sight] {n}
EN DA Danish 1 translation
  • syn [faculty of sight] {n}
EN BG Bulgarian 1 translation
EN HU Hungarian 1 translation
EN AF Afrikaans 1 translation
  • sig [faculty of sight]
EN RU Russian 1 translation
EN SL Slovenian 1 translation
  • vid [faculty of sight] (n v)
EN HI Hindi 1 translation
EN JA Japanese 2 translations
  • 視覚 [faculty of sight] (n v)
  • 視力 [faculty of sight] (n)
EN VI Vietnamese 3 translations