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translations of double

ENESSpanish5 translations
  • doblar(v)[clothing, games - cards, number]
  • doble(adj adv n v)[Designed for two users, cinematography - man, cinematography - woman, for two people, general, number, of two parts, use]{m}
  • sosia(n)[man, woman]{m}
  • doblado
  • reduplicar
ENFRFrench6 translations
  • doubler(v)[games - cards, number](informal)
  • double(a)[for two people, man, number, of two parts, use, woman]{m}
  • doublure(n)[cinematography - man, cinematography - woman]{f}
  • sosie(n)[man, woman]{m}
  • plier en deux(v)[clothing]
  • en deux(o)[general]
ENITItalian12 translations
ENPTPortuguese12 translations
ENDEGerman21 translations
ENNLDutch12 translations
ENSVSwedish11 translations
ENPLPolish2 translations
ENDADanish1 translation
ENBGBulgarian1 translation
  • двоен(adj adv n v)[Designed for two users](adj adv)
ENRURussian1 translation