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translations of blowfly

ENESSpanish3 translations
  • moscardón(n)[flies of the family Calliphoridae]{m}
  • moscarda(n)[entomology, flies of the family Calliphoridae]{f}
  • mosca azul(n)[entomology]{f}
ENFRFrench2 translations
ENITItalian1 translation
ENPTPortuguese2 translations
ENDEGerman2 translations
  • Schmeißfliege(n)[entomology, flies of the family Calliphoridae]{f}
  • Aasfliege(n)[flies of the family Calliphoridae]{f}
ENNLDutch4 translations
ENSVSwedish1 translation
ENCSCzech1 translation
ENBGBulgarian1 translation
ENRURussian1 translation
ENJAJapanese1 translation