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translations of agony

ENESSpanish8 translations
ENFRFrench6 translations
ENITItalian7 translations
ENPTPortuguese7 translations
ENDEGerman11 translations
ENNLDutch10 translations
ENSVSwedish7 translations
  • ångest(n)[general](u)
  • lidande(n)[emotional condition]{n}
  • tortyr(n)[emotional condition](u)
  • pina
  • kval(n)[emotional condition, extreme pain of mind or body, general]{n}
  • vånda(n)[emotional condition, extreme pain of mind or body, general](u)
  • dödsångest(u)
ENPLPolish1 translation
ENDADanish1 translation
ENBGBulgarian3 translations
ENRURussian1 translation