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tired trött
tired (adj) [in need of rest or sleep] trött (adj) [in need of rest or sleep]
tired (a) [physical condition] trött (a) [physical condition]
EN Synonyms for tired SV Translations
exhausted [sleepy] arrasado
drowsy [sleepy] grogue {m}
dazed [intoxicated] estupefato
dizzy [intoxicated] estonteado
drunken [intoxicated] bêbado {m}
shaky [intoxicated] instávelão
muddled [intoxicated] confuso
confused [intoxicated] confundido
groggy [intoxicated] (informal grogue {m}
weary [characteristic] cansado
bushed [characteristic] (informal arrasado
worn out [characteristic] gasto {m}
beat [characteristic] (informal toquei
spent [exhausted] usada (adj)
prostrate [exhausted] prostradotapetência
haggard [troubled] acabado
anxious [troubled] ávido
careworn [troubled] acabado
overwrought [weary] excitado
sickly [unhealthy] insalubre