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pit (n) [fruit] kärna (n) [fruit]
pit (n) [hole] grop (n) [hole] (u)
pit (n) [mining] kolgruva (n) [mining] (u)
pit (n) [face] ärr (n) {n} [face]
EN Synonyms for pit SV Translations
array [oppose] gama {f}
rival [oppose] rywal {m}
match [oppose] rozgrywka {f}
play [oppose] bawić się
valley [nature] dolina {f}
abyss [nature] przepaść {f}
gulf [nature] zatoka
shaft [nature] szyb {m}
well [nature] nieźle
crater [nature] krater {m}
chasm [nature] przepaść {f}
depth [nature] głębokość {f}
hole [excavation] otwór {m}
quarry [excavation] kamieniołomy
cavity [hole in the ground] dziura {f}
mine [hole in the ground] kopalnia {f}
tunnel [hole in the ground] tunel {m}
excavation [hole in the ground] wykopalisko (v n)
oppose [conflict] oponować {Ü|pl|}
impression [indentation] odcisk {m}