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period (n) [history] era (n) [history] (u)
period tid (u)
period (n) [history] epok (n) [history] (u)
period (n) [history] tidevarv (n) {n} [history]
period (n) [time] period (n) [time] (u)
period termin (u)
period (n) [physiology] menstruation (n) [physiology] (u)
period (n) [physiology] mens (n) [physiology] (u)
period (n) [punctuation mark] punkt (n) [punctuation mark] (u)
period (n) [time] tidsperiod (n) [time] (u)
period skede
EN Synonyms for period SV Translations
generation [time] geslag
date [time] datum
century [time] eeu
age [time] ouderdom
cycle [frequency] fietsry
genesis [period of time] (formal Genesis
time [length] tyd
course [duration] kursus
day [duration] dag
revolution [event] rewolusie (n)
round [event] rond
year [term] jaar
SV Swedish EN English
period (n) [tid] (u) stretch (n) [tid]
period (n) [tid] (u) space (n) [tid]
period (n) [allmän] (u) term (n) [allmän]
period (n) [tid] (u) span (n) [tid]
period (n) [tid] (u) spell (n) [tid]
period (n) [tid] (u) period (n) [tid]
period (n) [tid] (u) period of time (n) [tid]
period (n) [tid] (u) time span (n) [tid]

Swedish English translations

SV Synonyms for period EN Translations
yttrande [sats] n prononcement
ordföljd [sats] word order
passus [sats] (u passage
sammanhang [sats] n context
mening [sats] (u purport (formal)
cykel [tidsmått] (u cycle
kretslopp [tidsmått] n orbit
sekvens [tidsmått] sequence
följd [tidsmått] (u series
serie [tidsmått] (u comic strip
räcka [tidsmått] suffice (formal)
sträcka [tidsmått] way
växling [tidsmått] (u shunt
förlopp [tidsmått] n lapse
epok [tidsskede] (u epoch
tid [tidsskede] (u time
era [tidsskede] (u era
tidrymd [tidsskede] lapse
tidevarv [tidsskede] n era
stadium [tidsskede] n stage