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Norodom of Cambodia Norodom

EN SV Translations for of

of (o) [general] för (o) [general]
of (o) [general] till (o) [general]
of (o) [possession] (o) [possession]
of (o) [books] av (o) [books]
of (o) [material] av (o) [material]
of (o) [possession] av (o) [possession]
of (o) [origin] från (o) [origin]
of (o) [general] med (o) [general]
of (o) [material] gjord av (o) [material]
of (o) [time] i (o) [time]

EN SV Translations for cambodia

Cambodia Kambodja (invariable)
Cambodia (proper) [country in Southeast Asia] Kambodja (proper) [country in Southeast Asia] (invariable)
Cambodia (n) [geography] Kambodja (n) [geography] (invariable)