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mine (v) [mining] gräva i (v) [mining]
mine (v) [mining] bearbeta (v) [mining]
mine (n) [information] källa (n) [information] (u)
mine gruva (u)
mine (n) [industry] gruva (n) [industry] (u)
EN English SV Swedish
mine (o) [poss. pron. - sg.] min (o) [poss. pron. - sg.] (u)
mine (o) [poss. pron. - sg.] mitt (o) [poss. pron. - sg.]
mine (n) [military] mina (n) [military]
mine (o) [poss. pron. - pl.] mina (o) [poss. pron. - pl.]
mine (n) [information] guldgruva (n) [information] (u)
mine minera
EN Synonyms for mine SV Translations
hole [hole in the ground] hornacho
cavity [hole in the ground] cavidad {f}
pit [hole in the ground] zanja {f}
hollow [hole in the ground] vacuo {m}
quarry [hole in the ground] canteras
tunnel [hole in the ground] túnel {m}
excavation [hole in the ground] excavación {f}
explosive [military] explosivos (mp)
trap [military] coger en una trampa
booby trap [military] trampa explosiva {f}
weapon [military] arma {f}
bomb [military] bomba {f}
lode [excavation] funcionamiento {m}
shaft [excavation] astil {m}
well [excavation] muy
excavate [activity] excavar
dig [activity] excavar
extract [activity] extractar
pan [activity] marmita {f}
drill [activity] dril {m}