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livlig (a) [uppförande] active (a) [uppförande]
livlig (adj) [bold and spirited; cheeky] sassy (adj) [bold and spirited; cheeky]
livlig (a) [person] chirpy (a) [person] (informal)
livlig (a) [person] brisk (a) [person]
livlig (a) [fysiskt tillstånd] sprightly (a) [fysiskt tillstånd]
livlig (a) [person] vivacious (a) [person]
livlig vivacious
livlig (a) [uppförande] lively (a) [uppförande]
livlig (a) [person] lively (a) [person]
livlig (a) [allmän] lively (a) [allmän]
livlig (a) [beskrivning] vivid (a) [beskrivning]
livlig racy
livlig (a) [diskussion] heated (a) [diskussion]
livlig (a) [person] merry (a) [person]
livlig (a) [person] cheerful (a) [person]
livlig (a) [person] dashing (a) [person]
livlig (a) [plats] busy (a) [plats]
livlig (a) [person] spirited (a) [person]
livlig (adj) [lively, vigorous, animated or courageous] spirited (adj) [lively, vigorous, animated or courageous]
livlig (a) [diskussion] spirited (a) [diskussion]
livlig (a) [diskussion] animated (a) [diskussion]
livlig animated
livlig (a) [uppförande] alive (a) [uppförande]
livlig (a) [person] energetic (a) [person]
livlig lively
livlig mettlesome

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