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charitable (a) [benevolent] vänlig (a) [benevolent]
charitable barmhärtig
charitable (a) [benevolent] välvillig (a) [benevolent]
EN Synonyms for charitable SV Translations
noble [inclined to forgive] ädling
compassionate [inclined to forgive] medlidsam
merciful [inclined to forgive] nådig
kind [inclined to forgive] hygglig
free [inclined to forgive] gratis
forgiving [inclined to forgive] förlåtande
beneficent [generous] (formal välgörande
gratuitous [generous] gratis
tributary [generous] bidragande
generous [character trait] ädelmodig
bountiful [character trait] (formal frikostig
lavish [character trait] ymnig
liberal [character trait] frisinnad
munificent [character trait] storslagen
open-handed [character trait] givmild
magnanimous [broad-minded] storsint
considerate [broad-minded] grannlaga
lenient [broad-minded] mild
kindly [broad-minded] välvilligt
mild [broad-minded] lindrig