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пре́жде всего́ (adv) [of prime importance] (adv) above all (adv) [of prime importance]
пре́жде всего́ (adv) [before anything else] (adv) first of all (adv) [before anything else]
пре́жде всего́ (adj adv n) [before anything else] (adv) first (adj adv n) [before anything else]
пре́жде всего́ (adv) [In the first place] (adv) firstly (adv) [In the first place]
пре́жде всего́ (adv) [primarily; most importantly] (adv) first and foremost (adv) [primarily; most importantly]

RU EN Translations for пре́жде

пре́жде (adv) [at some time in the past] (adv) formerly (adv) [at some time in the past]
пре́жде (adv) [until now; previously; yet] (adv) so far (adv) [until now; previously; yet]
пре́жде (prep) [before, sooner than] (adv) ere (prep) [before, sooner than]

RU EN Translations for всего́

всего́ (prep) [combined by effort or ownership] (prep) between (prep) [combined by effort or ownership]