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void (v) [cancel] anular (v) {m} [cancel]
void (v) [laws] anular (v) {m} [laws]
void (v) [cancel] cancelar (v) [cancel]
void (v) [laws] invalidar (v) [laws]
void (adj n v) [(medicine) to empty] esvaziar (adj n v) [(medicine) to empty]
void (n) [lack] vazio (n) {m} [lack]
void (n) [lack] lacuna (n) {f} [lack]
void (adj n v) [(medicine) to empty] evacuar (adj n v) [(medicine) to empty]
void (n) [empty space] vácuo (n) {m} [empty space]
void (n) [lack] vácuo (n) {m} [lack]
void (n) [lack] hiato (n) {m} [lack]
void (a) [law] nulo (a) {m} [law]
EN Synonyms for void PT Translations
empty [vacant] vazio {m}
uninhabited [vacant] despovoado
blank [vacant] festim (adj n v)
unoccupied [vacant] desocupadoe
barren [empty] estéreoipar
destitute [empty] miserável {f}
vacant [empty] vago
devoid [empty] (formal desprovido
abandoned [empty] desertado
worthless [null and void] inútil {m}
meaningless [null and void] insignificanteosa
useless [null and void] imprestável
invalid [null and void] inválida {f}
vain [null and void] vazio {m}
ineffective [null and void] inefávelnte
ineffectual [null and void] ineficaz
emptiness [nothingness] vazio {m}
space [nothingness] espaço {m}
gap [nothingness] intervalo {m}
vacuum [nothingness] aspirar