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pit (n) [face] marca (n) {f} [face]
pit poço {m}
pit (n) [hole] buraco (n) {m} [hole]
pit (n) [fruit] caroço (n) {m} [fruit]
pit (n) [mining] mina de carvão (n) {f} [mining]
pit poçoe Adão
pit poçoe adão
EN Synonyms for pit PT Translations
array [oppose] matriz {f}
rival [oppose] rivalo (n v)
match [oppose] correspondencia {f}
play [oppose] ta er
compete with [oppose] disputar con
valley [nature] valle {m}
abyss [nature] derrumbadero
gulf [nature] golfo {m}
shaft [nature] astil {m}
well [nature] muy
crater [nature] cráter {m}
chasm [nature] disensión {f}
depth [nature] profundidad {f}
hole [excavation] hornacho
hollow [excavation] vacuo {m}
lode [excavation] funcionamiento {m}
quarry [excavation] canteras
cavity [hole in the ground] cavidad {f}
mine [hole in the ground] mis
tunnel [hole in the ground] túnel {m}