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PT EN Translations for língua

língua (proper adj) [language] {f} Swedish (proper adj) [language]
língua {f} language
língua (n) [geral] {f} language (n) [geral]
língua {f} tongue
língua (n) [anatomia] {f} tongue (n) [anatomia]
língua (n v) [flap in a shoe] {f} tongue (n v) [flap in a shoe]
língua (adj n proper) [language] {f} Sumerian (adj n proper) [language]
língua (n) [language descended from Latin] {f} Romance language (n) [language descended from Latin]
língua (n proper) [Xhosa language] {f} Xhosa (n proper) [Xhosa language]
língua (n) [language with no native speakers] {f} dead language (n) [language with no native speakers] (n)