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EN Synonyms for joined PT Translations
combined [commingled] combinado {m}
united [commingled] unidomidade
mixed [commingled] misturado
connected [joining] interligado
linked [joining] unidomidade
related [joining] semelhante {m}
associated [joining] relacionado
wed [joining] casar
one [joining] um (uma)
cognate [related] cognato {m}
allied [related] aliado {m}
akin [related] semelhante {m}
alike [related] semelhante {m}
attached [coupled] anexoiã
meeting [meeting at the same point] reuniãoiar
converging [meeting at the same point] convergente
concurrent [meeting at the same point] contemporâneo
collected [assembled] fleumático
gathered [assembled] reunido
co-operative [united] cooperativa {f}