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hole (n) [general] furo (n) {m} [general]
hole (n) [wall] abertura (n) {f} [wall]
hole (n) [cavity] cavidade (n) {f} [cavity]
hole (n) [cavity] buraco (n) {m} [cavity]
hole (n) [general] buraco (n) {m} [general]
EN English PT Portuguese
hole (n) [wall] buraco (n) {m} [wall]
hole romboento
EN Synonyms for hole PT Translations
cove [place]
burrow [place] 巣穴 (n v)
den [place] 巣窟 (n v)
tunnel [place] 坑道 (n v)
cavity [nature] 空洞 (n v)
crater [nature] クレーター (n v)
gorge [nature] 峡谷 (n)
cleft [thing] 割れ目 (v n)
split [thing] 股割り (adj n v)
basin [hollow] 流域
dent [hollow] 凹む (n v)
riddle [activity] なぞなぞ (n v)
break [perforation] 割れる (wareru)
mine [hole in the ground] マイン (main)
excavation [hole in the ground] 開削
diameter [calibre] 直径 (n)
alcove [cranny] 壁龕 (n)
emptiness [void] (n)
space [void] 宇宙
blank [void] 空包 (adj n v)