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EN English PL Polish
buttress (n v) [anything that serves to support something] podpora (n v) {f} [anything that serves to support something]
EN Synonyms for buttress PL Translations
prop [brace] elica {f}
column [brace] colonnina
mainstay [brace] appoggio {m}
strut [brace] incedere
stay [brace] pausa {f}
support [brace] poggiare
consolidate [strengthen] rafforzare
back up [strengthen] fare un backup
fortify [strengthen] afforzare
stiffen [strengthen] intirizzire
steady [strengthen] proporzionato
brace [strengthen] controvento
bolster [prop up] capezzale {m}
sustain [prop up] poggiare
reinforcement [prop] rafforzamento {m}
entrench [prepare for attack] trincerare
barricade [prepare for attack] sbarra {f}
arm [prepare for attack] marra {f}
strengthen [activity] afforzare
uphold [activity] durare