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yet (o) [but] anderzijds (o) [but]
yet (o) [general] nog steeds (o) [general]
yet (o) [general] alsnog (o) [general]
yet (o) [nevertheless] evenwel (o) [nevertheless] (formal)
yet (o) [however] maar toch (o) [however]
yet (o) [conjunction] nog altijd (o) [conjunction]
yet (o) [time] nog (o) [time]
yet (o) [intensifier] nog (o) [intensifier]
yet (o) [general] nog (o) [general]
yet (o) [conjunction] nog (o) [conjunction]
yet (o) [however] doch (o) [however]
yet (o) [but] maar (o) [but]
yet (o) [however] echter (o) [however]
yet (o) [but] echter (o) [but]
yet (o) [however] nochtans (o) [however]
yet (o) [but] nochtans (o) [but]
yet (o) [nevertheless] toch (o) [nevertheless]
yet (o) [however] toch (o) [however]
yet (o) [but] toch (o) [but]
yet (o) [nevertheless] desondanks (o) [nevertheless]
yet (o) [however] desondanks (o) [however]
yet (o) [nevertheless] niettemin (o) [nevertheless]
EN Synonyms for yet NL Translations
however [nevertheless] pour aussi ... que
nonetheless [nevertheless] malgré tout
notwithstanding [nevertheless] bien que
nevertheless [although] malgré tout
but [although] cependant
though [although] cependant
moreover [part of speech] au surplus
still [part of speech] sans vent
further [part of speech] davantage