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unfortunate (a) [person] arm (a) {m} [person]
unfortunate (a) [general] ongelukkig (a) [general]
unfortunate (a) [person] ongelukkig (a) [person]
unfortunate (a) [general] spijtig (a) [general]
unfortunate ongelukkige
EN Synonyms for unfortunate NL Translations
adverse [property] (formal onvoordelig
wretched [property] belabberd
unlucky [property] niet succesvol
regretful [property] treurig
unhappy [property] bedroefd
bad [property] beroerd
cursed [condemned to hell] behekst
accursed [condemned to hell] behekst
infernal [condemned to hell] (literature duivels
reprobate [condemned to hell] (formal verlaten {n}
damned [condemned to hell] behekst
disastrous [distressing] sinister
severe [distressing] straf {m}
disturbing [distressing] zorgwekkend
excessive [distressing] overmatig
extreme [distressing] ultieme (adj n adv)
terrible [distressing] afschuwelijk
pessimistic [despairing] pessimistisch
desperate [despairing] radeloos
despondent [despairing] hopeloos