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toward (o) [general] naar (o) [general]
toward (o) [position] naar (o) [position]
toward bij {m}
toward (o) [position] naar toe (o) [position]
toward (o) [position] gericht naar (o) [position]
toward (o) [general] naar ... toe (o) [general]
toward (o) [time] naar ... toe (o) [time]
toward aan
toward tot
toward (o) [attitude] tegenover (o) [attitude]
toward tegen
toward (o) [attitude] jegens (o) [attitude] (formal)
toward (o) [attitude] ten opzichte van (o) [attitude]
toward (o) [attitude] ten aanzien van (o) [attitude]
EN Synonyms for toward NL Translations
opposite [contra] modsat
against [contra] imod (prep conj)
ahead [movement] fremad
along [movement] ad
on [movement]
through [position] (informal færdig
to [position] at (particle prep adv)
at [in the direction of]
about [approximately] omtrent
nearly [approximately] næsten