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throughout (prep adv) [everywhere] overal (prep adv) {m} [everywhere]
throughout (o) [place] door (o) [place]
throughout (o) [time] gans (o) {m} [time]
throughout (o) [time] de hele (o) [time]
throughout (o) [time] gedurende de hele (o) [time]
throughout (o) [place] helemaal door (o) [place]
throughout (o) [place] door heel (o) [place]
throughout dwars door
EN Synonyms for throughout NL Translations
around [via] omtrent
over [via] klaar
round [via] cirkelvormig
through [via] (informal doorheen
on [part of speech] tot
by [part of speech] langs
during [part of speech] gedurende
upon [part of speech] (formal op het moment dat (prep adv)
via [direction] via
totally [completely] totaal {n}
entirely [completely] totaliter
thoroughly [completely] radicaal {n}
utterly [completely] faliekant
wholly [completely] heel
quite [completely] erg {n}
altogether [completely] kortom