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overdue (a) [payment] achterstallig (a) [payment]
overdue (a) [publication] te laat (a) [publication]
overdue (a) [publication] over tijd (a) [publication]
overdue onbetaald
EN Synonyms for overdue NL Translations
unpaid [unpaid and overdue] onbetaald
delinquent [unpaid and overdue] delinquente {f}
owed [unpaid and overdue] te betalen
due [unpaid and overdue] te betalen
delayed [slow] met oponthoud
belated [slow] laattijdig (adj)
backward [time] achtergebleven
retarded [time] achtergebleven
slow [time] traag
dilatory [late] uitstellend
slack [late] laks
behindhand [late] te laat
tardy [late] (formal dom, lanzaam reagerend (adj n)