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in connection with (o) [general] in verband met (o) [general]
in connection with (o) [general] op (o) [general]

EN NL Translations for in

in te
in (o) [proximity] bij (o) {m} [proximity]
in (o) [proximity] op (o) [proximity]
in (o) [proximity] aan (o) [proximity]
in in
in (o) [preposition] in (o) [preposition]
in (o) [proximity] in (o) [proximity]
in binnen
in per

EN NL Translations for connection

connection (n) [attachment] verbinding (n) {f} [attachment]
connection (n) [attachment] aanhechting (n) {f} [attachment]
connection (n) [railways] spoorlijn (n) {m} [railways]
connection (n) [railways] spoorwegverbinding (n) {f} [railways]
connection (n) [railways] treinverbinding (n) {f} [railways]
connection (n) [railways] spoorverbinding (n) {f} [railways]
connection (n) [link] band (n) {m} [link]
connection (n) [idea] relatie (n) {f} [idea]
connection (n) [idea] verband (n) {n} [idea]
connection (n) [link] verband (n) {n} [link]

EN NL Translations for with

with (o) [in the company of] bij (o) {m} [in the company of]
with (prep) [against] tegen (prep) [against]
with met
with (prep) [against] met (prep) [against]
with (o) [at the same rate as] met (o) [at the same rate as]
with (o) [feature] met (o) [feature]
with (o) [general] met (o) [general]
with (o) [in the case of] met (o) [in the case of]
with samen met
with bij {m}