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gevolg [consequentie] {n} result [consequentie]
gevolg [consequentie] {n} consequence [consequentie]
gevolg (n) [proposition which follows easily] {n} corollary (n) [proposition which follows easily]
gevolg [mensen] {n} suite [mensen]
gevolg [entourage] {n} entourage [entourage]
gevolg (n) [retinue of attendants, associates or followers] {n} entourage (n) [retinue of attendants, associates or followers]
gevolg [entourage] {n} retinue [entourage]
gevolg (n) [group of servants] {n} retinue (n) [group of servants]
gevolg {n} consistency
gevolg {n} consequence
gevolg {n} train
gevolg {n} suite

Dutch English translations

NL Synonyms for gevolg EN Translations
hofhouding [hof] f retinue
nasleep [consequentie] m repercussion
resultaat [consequentie] n result
voortvloeisel [consequentie] n by-product
invloed [effect] m influence
uitwerking [effect] f elaboration
fractie [consorten] f faction
partij [consorten] f faction
volgelingen [consorten] (p following
aanhang [consorten] m allegiance