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following (n) [people] aanhang (n) {m} [people]
following (n) [people] volgelingen (n) [people] (p)
following (a) [ensuing] erop (a) [ensuing]
following (a) [time] erop (a) [time]
following (a) [consequent] volgend (a) [consequent]
following (a) [ensuing] volgend (a) [ensuing]
following (a) [time] volgend (a) [time]
following (a) [ensuing] eropvolgend (a) [ensuing]
following (a) [consequent] voortvloeiend (a) [consequent]
following (a) [consequent] resulterend (a) [consequent]
following (a) [determiner] volgende (a) {m} [determiner]
following (a) [determiner] eerstvolgende (a) [determiner]
following leden
EN Synonyms for following NL Translations
behind [position] зад (zad)
after [position] след като (adv prep conj adj)
consequent [resultant] следващ като резултат (adj n)
clientele [audience] клиентела (n)
train [audience] Влак
public [audience] общественост
company [band of soldiers] компа́ния (n v)
brigade [band of soldiers] кома́нда (n v)
concentration [small crowd] сгъстяване (n)
cluster [small crowd] трупам се (n v)
society [people] общество