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exertion (n) [general] inspanning (n) {f} [general]
exertion (n) [the action of exerting] inspanning (n) {f} [the action of exerting]
exertion (n) [general] krachtinspanning (n) {f} [general]
exertion krachtsinspanning {f}
EN Synonyms for exertion NL Translations
effort [endeavour] inspanning {f}
bid [endeavour] te koop aanbieden
striving [endeavour] poging {f}
essay [endeavour] stelling {f}
try [endeavour] streven {n}
undertaking [endeavour] (formal toezegging {f}
attempt [endeavour] streven {n}
push [deed] aanduwen
labour [deed] Ü|en| ter wereld brengen
stand [deed] schuur {m}
force [physical condition] macht {m}
power [physical condition] mogendheid
weight [physical condition] gewicht {n}
strength [physical condition] kracht {m}
might [physical condition] (literature macht {m}
strain [physical condition] gespannen toestand {m}
pull [physical condition] rukken
inconvenience [effort] ongerief {n}
trouble [effort] strubbeling
toil [work] gezwoeg {n}