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due (a) [proper] juist (a) [proper]
due (a) [proper] gepast (a) [proper]
due (a) [expected] verwacht (a) [expected]
due (a) [money] verschuldigd (a) [money]
due (a) [money] te betalen (a) [money]
EN Synonyms for due NL Translations
relevant [pertinent] essentieel
applicable [pertinent] aangewezen
germane [pertinent] (formal germaan
convenient [pertinent] gelegen
seasonable [pertinent] gelegen
likely [pertinent] waarschijnlijk
appropriate [pertinent] gepast
proper [suitable] betamelijk
fit [suitable] afstemmen
becoming [suitable] passend
apt [suitable] gevat
fitting [suitable] fatsoenlijk
payable [on credit] betaalbaar
collect [when due] zich verzamelen
unpaid [unpaid and overdue] onbetaald
delinquent [unpaid and overdue] delinquente {f}
owed [unpaid and overdue] te betalen
overdue [unpaid and overdue] onbetaald
value [worth] gehalte {n}
credit [worth] saldo {n}