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dissipated (a) [person] losbandig (a) [person]
dissipated (a) [person] liederlijk (a) [person]
dissipated (a) [person] lichtzinnig (a) [person]
EN Synonyms for dissipated NL Translations
licentious [behaviour] zedeloos
dissolute [behaviour] losbandig
gay [behaviour] verwijfd
dead [ceased to exist] dodelijk
past [ceased to exist] verleden tijd {m}
extinct [ceased to exist] uitgedoofd
intoxicated [drunk] dol {m}
alcoholic [drunk] alcoholicus (n adj)
drunken [drunk] beschonken
addicted [drunk] verslaafd
intemperate [drunk] (formal onmatig
wicked [corrupt] kwaadaardig
spent [wasted] uitgeput
destroyed [wasted] vernietigd
empty [wasted] leeg
dispersed [scattered] verspreid
extravagant [characteristic] extravagant
prodigal [characteristic] spilziek
profligate [characteristic] (formal spilziek
reckless [characteristic] onvoorzichtig