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different (a) [ironically] anders (a) [ironically]
different (a) [number] verschillende (a) [number]
different (a) [number] verscheidene (a) [number]
different (a) [quantity] talrijk (a) [quantity]
different (a) [quantity] divers (a) [quantity]
different uiteenlopend
different (a) [separate] apart (a) [separate]
different (a) [separate] onderscheiden (a) [separate]
different (a) [ironically] speciaal (a) [ironically]
different (adj n) [not the same] anders (adj n) [not the same]
different (a) [variant] afwijkend (a) [variant]
different (a) [dissimilar] niet gelijkend (a) [dissimilar]
different (adj n) [not the same] ongelijk (adj n) [not the same]
different (a) [dissimilar] ongelijk (a) [dissimilar]
different (a) [variant] verschillend (a) [variant]
different (a) [separate] verschillend (a) [separate]
different (adj n) [not the same] verschillend (adj n) [not the same]
different (a) [dissimilar] verschillend (a) [dissimilar]
different (a) [variant] variant (a) {m} [variant]
different (a) [quantity] verscheiden (a) [quantity]