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delinquent (a) [payment] achterstallig (a) [payment]
delinquent (n) [law - man] wetsovertreder (n) {m} [law - man]
delinquent (n) [law - woman] wetsovertreedster (n) {f} [law - woman]
delinquent (a) [law] schuldig (a) [law]
delinquent (n) [law - man] delinquent (n) {m} [law - man]
delinquent (n) [law - woman] delinquente (n) {f} [law - woman]
EN Synonyms for delinquent NL Translations
slack [failing in duty] laks
tardy [failing in duty] (formal dom, lanzaam reagerend (adj n)
censurable [failing in duty] (formal afkeurenswaard
culpable [failing in duty] schuldig
convict [law-breaker] veroordeelde {m}
crook [law-breaker] schavuit {m}
criminal [law-breaker] crimineel {m}
felon [law-breaker] criminele {f}
culprit [law-breaker] dader {m}
offender [person] overtreedster {f}
malefactor [person] (formal boosdoenster {f}
sinner [person] zondaar {m}
unpaid [unpaid and overdue] onbetaald
owed [unpaid and overdue] te betalen
due [unpaid and overdue] te betalen
overdue [unpaid and overdue] onbetaald
neglectful [negligent] onachtzaam
remiss [negligent] (formal onachtzaam
careless [negligent] onverschillig
lax [negligent] nalatig
NL Dutch EN English
delinquent [rechten - man] {m} delinquent [rechten - man]
delinquent [rechten - man] {m} wrongdoer [rechten - man]

Dutch English translations

NL Synonyms for delinquent EN Translations
misdadig [crimineel] criminal
crimineel [boef] m criminal
schurk [boef] m thug
misdadiger [boef] m felon